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Fire Quartz (Hematoid) Tower
Fire Quartz (Hematoid) Tower

Fire Quartz (Hematoid) Tower

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Energetic, Transforming, Stabilising

Chakra : Root
Element : Fire
Astro Signs : Scorpio

Haematoid Quartz contains the transformative and amplifying powers of quartz but also the grounding, stabilising power of hematite. It transforms negative energy to pure light and love. The perfect combination of highly energetic and grounding vibrations it encourages balance of the mind body and spirit when going through big shifts.

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Tower / Generator Size Guide

Weight Height
1 Tiny 10 – 29g X Short 30 – 49mm
2 X Small 30 – 49g Short 50 – 74mm
3 Small 50 – 69g
4 Medium 70 – 89g Tall 75 – 99mm
5 Large 90 – 109g
6 X Large 110 – 129g X Tall 100 – 130mm
7 XX Large 130 – 150g
*Price is for one crystal. We photograph multiple to give you an idea of the variation in shapes and colour. Each Tower is categorised by height and weight to ensure consistency.


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