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Afthonia - Citrine Generator - 33kg
Afthonia - Citrine Generator - 33kg

Smoky Citrine Generator - 33kg

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Abundance, Manifesting, Joyous

Afthonia is the most beautiful and epic Citrine generator we have ever seen! Weighing in at 33kg and 51cm tall she will bring a well of abundance wherever she lives. She is made from a fully polished natural Citrine piece. Her point has lovely rainbows and gemmy sections and her colour transitions to a lovely smokey colour at her base.
She will look amazing and bring joy wherever she goes!
 Citrine is one of the most powerful manifesting stones in the crystal kingdom. It is often referred to as 'The Merchant's Stone' for its power of attraction as it promotes abundance and wealth. It helps manifest your dreams into reality giving you the will power and drive to take action. It not only helps in acquiring wealth in all forms but also helps in maintaining it.
For info about the meaning and uses, or to see our full range of Citrine, Click Here!

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