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Cardamom Essential Oil - 15ml

Cardamom Essential Oil - 15ml

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 Botanical Name: Elettaria cardamomum
Country of Origin: India
Plant Part: Seed
Method of Extraction: Steam Distillation


Cardamom, familiar to many of us in Asian cooking, grows wild (and is also cultivated) in India and Sri Lanka. This leafy stemmed shrub can grow more than 5 metres in height, with long leaves and small, pale yellow flowers that have a violet tip. Our pure Cardamom Essential Oil is steam distilled from the seeds, which are contained in oblong grey fruits.

Versatile Cardamom can be very helpful if you have digestive problems, particularly when these are related to anxiety and stress. It’s also great for helping to relieve feelings of nausea. Other benefits include antibacterial, diuretic, stimulant and aphrodisiac properties.

Can be a great reviver if you’re feeling tired and weak, making you feel newly invigorated and refreshed. May help clear confusion.

Plus it’s astringent qualities make it useful for cosmetic purposes.

 I easily accept whatever happens in my life. I really absorb and process my experiences and all that goes on around me. My digestive system is healthy. I am able to dicern the truth and take positive action by using the wisdom of the elders and ancestors, I am a channel of love, light and well-being.

Safety: Non-toxic, non-irritant. Possibly sensitising to some individuals. Avoid during pregnancy.

Affirmation and Info Sourced from 'The essential guide to aromatherapy and vibrational healing' by Margret Ann Lembo

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