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What's in the box?

We received a shipment in these cool metal boxes and instead of just recycling them we decided they are perfect for a mysterious giveaway! So place an order during May 2022 to enter the draw for your chance to pick a box and win what's inside!

One box will contain a stunning 5.58kg Stilbite Zeolite standing cluster valued at $440

One box will contain a gorgeous 1.55kg White Quartz sphere with a Wooden Rainbow LED stand valued at $175

One box will contain a delicious Sparrow and Fox Serpentine crystal candle valued at $22

Here's how it works...

1. The order numbers from every order with a valid phone number placed on our website or in-store during May(from 12AM on Sunday the 1/5/2022 until 11:59:59PM on Tuesday the 31/5/2022) will go into the draw

2. At midday(12pm) on the 1st of June 2022 we will go live on Instagram to run the draw

3. We'll feed all the order numbers into a random number picker to choose one order number

4. We will call the phone number on file for the chosen order

5. If there is no answer or it goes to voicemail we will remove that order number from the list and use the random number picker to choose another and we'll repeat this until we get an answer

6. The first person to answer will get to choose one of the three boxes to open!

7. We will send whichever prize is in the box to the lucky winner!

A few other important things to note!

1. We're in NSW so all times are based on Eastern Standard Time the same as Sydney.

2. We will be calling from our shop phone 0405 219 877 it may appear on your phone as +61405219877. It may help to save this number in your phone as "Sparrow and Fox" to make it easy to recognise if we're calling you.

Good luck!