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Focus, Grounding, Deflect negativity

Colour: Black
Chakra: Root
Element: Fire
Astro Signs: Libra, Scorpio

 Black Obsidian is a highly protective stone and shields against all negativity. It is also very powerful at absorbing electromagnetic radiation. It is a stone with a grounding vibration and stabilises scattered energy. Known as a truth stone, it forces one to face up to one’s true self and aids in revealing the mysteries of both the outer and inner world. 


Black Obsidian was called the wizard stone due to its many magical associations. Highly polished Obsidian oracle mirrors were used by the Mayans and Aztecs. Still to this day Obsidian crystal balls are a popular tool for scrying. Ancient cultures also used the stone to make weapons and believed it to have a highly protective energy.


Black Obsidian is a natural glass, composed of two-thirds silica and more. It is formed during the cooling of volcanic lava.


Apache Tear

Colour: Black Translucent
Chakra : Solar Plexus, Root
Element : Fire
Astro Sign : Scorpio
Key Words : Grief, Grounding, Light at the end of the tunnel

 Apache Tears are a type of Black Obsidian, but they have a more friendly vibration than some of the other types of Obsidian. They are not altered but are natural crystals that heal grief.

They have a strong action to aid emotional healing and bring you comfort when you are grieving. Maybe it is their strange out-of-shape appearance, that makes you feel comfortable with them. 

They are strong stones for grounding and protection, and to aid you to clear negative emotions that may be holding you back.


Mahogany Obsidian

Colour : Brown with Black Markings
Chakra : Root, Sacral
Element : Earth
Astro Sign : Libra, Sagittarius
Key Words : Deep Grounding, Comforting, Physicality


Mahogany Obsidian is natural glass obsidian that has inclusions of Magnetite or Haematite creating the mahogany coloured patches in it. ... A stone of focus, Mahogany Obsidian helps guide us to what we should be prioritising to make spiritual progress, while aiding with self-acceptance and self confidence.


Gold Sheen Obsidian

Colour : Black with a reflective gold sheen
Chakra : Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus
Element : Fire, Water
Astro Sign : Scorpio, Pisces

Key Words : Present, Inner Wisdom, Spirit Sight