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Green Aventurine

Colour : Green
Chakra : Heart
Element : Earth, Water
Astro Sign : Capricorn, Pisces
Keywords : Prosperity, Well-being, Good luck
Green Aventurine is a nurturer and heart healer, used to clear and activate the Heart Chakra for general well-being and emotional calm.  It has also long been thought to bring abundance, good luck and opportunity. Carry this stone with you for blessings, adventures and an open heart.
Green Aventurine is a form of metamorphic quartzite containing green fuschite mica. The quartz crystals comprising aventurine are highly disorganised and may contain chromium and other impurities. The shiny mica within this stone makes this stone easily identifiable. Mohs scale of hardness is 6.5 - 7

Yellow Aventurine

Chakra : Solar Plexus, Heart
Element : Fire, Water
Astro Sign : Aries
Key Words : Joy, Kindness, Bravery
Yellow Aventurine is great for opening and balancing the Solar Plexus Chakra. ... The happy go lucky golden light of the stone fills you with compassion and understanding and joy, alleviating grief and centering the emotions.